Privacy Policy

Hayakawa Industries Company Limited, (hereinafter, "HIC") recognizes its social responsibility to endeavor to protect personal information gained through our business activities and all persons employed in our operations take steps to protect personal information based on the following principles.

Hayakawa Industries Company Limited
Representative Director and President, Futoshi Hayakawa

1. Collection and use of personal information
When requesting provision of personal information, we make clear the purpose for the collection, notify the persons responsible for inquiries at HIC and use the information within the boundaries of achieving the purpose as given.
2. Disclosure and transfer of personal information to third parties
Information shall not be disclosed or provided to third parties without the approval in advance of the provider of information to the limits of legal requirements. When providing personal information to a supplier, we manage the handling of personal information by the supplier through confidentiality agreements, sharing our privacy policy and verifying the status of implementation to give direction to and place obligations on the supplier to conform with regarding personal information.
3. Protection of personal information
HIC has put in place security measures and appropriately manages them to prevent loss, damage, modification, leak or improper access to person information.
4. Accuracy of personal information
HIC has a reception counter for personal information inquiries when there are requests to view, modify, delete, etc., and responds appropriately after confirming the identity of the party making the request.
5. Ongoing improvement
HIC trains employees regarding handling personal information, regularly inspects the handling and reviews and improves measures for protecting personal information as needed.

August 2015
Personal Information Inquiries
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