The most advanced welding technology in Japan

Hayakawa Industries has carefully fostered welding technology over many years positioning welding among the core technologies used throughout our company. We are home to many welding experts with a profound understanding of welding technology and continue to train new generations of technicians maintaining our ability to produce consistently high quality.


TIG welding
We provide pipe welding for the most difficult kinds of welds with consistent quality.


MIG welding
Our products incorporate techniques ranked among the top two in national competitions for aluminum welding. Heavy structural components of aluminum carriages are welded using simultaneous twin torch MIG welding.


Aluminum Alloy Welding Coordination Personnel2nd Class: 1 person
Aluminum Alloy Architecture Production Management Engineer1 person
JISZ 3811 Aluminum WeldingTIG: 21 persons / MIG: 13 persons
JISZ 3821 Stainless Steel WeldingTIG: 19 persons / MIG: 4 persons
JIS 3841 Semiautomatic Welding CO29 persons